Very Bad News! UK Suddenly Stopped Visas?

Very Bad News! UK Suddenly Stopped Visas?
Before the UK elections, the government's big surprise was to launch the Back to Work Plan, after which all the businesses in the UK through which you earn money by going to the UK are going to be closed forever. How many pounds will the government spend to make this program successful? 

It is going to be spent and how big is the task force. It has been questioned. All the important information is present in today's post. Friends, after the end of Rishi Sona's rule, things are continuing to unfold. Just a short time ago, the UK government, along with the Department of Work and Pensions, came up with a The plan has been started, after which all the visas of UK, from which a large number of people used to earn money by reaching UK, are going to end completely.  

Friends, what will be included in this program? Basically, the name of this program is Back to Work Plan. In this, UK The government will decide that approximately 25 billion pounds will be spent and a task force has been started. 

Now to make this plan successful, the biggest focus will be on those people who are present in the UK and have been on study leave for a long time. They are on disability leave and are present in their homes due to lack of jobs. As you know, during Corona, people abandoned physical work and started their business online during isolation, after which all the factories and stores were completely empty. 

Now when all this workforce went to their homes, ultimately there was a labor shortage in the UK. To clear the labor shortage, the sponsoring parties gave many sponsors and the UK government gave VJs because they knew that there was a labor shortage and its demand and supply. 

To meet this requirement, we will have to issue more and more visas. You have seen that a large number of Skilled Work Visas, Care Worker Visas and Plus Seasonal Worker Visas have been given in large number and for this reason, if you have been staying for three to four years, If you analyze, you will come to know that almost every year 80 to 90 Haj labor forces reach UK from Asia, Africa and various continents.  

Now when these people reached here, they not only earned money but also found ways to start living in UK. Now what happened was that the status of labor in the UK got a big hit, now when the UK government has started the Back to Work Plan, in this the UK government, along with the Department of Work and Pension, has spent about 2.5 billion pounds. How will it be spent? Basically, this will be done by those companies, on those factories, and the task force that has been launched. 

Basically, the task force will do this by arresting people from their homes and bringing them from the UK. Sir, these factories will be empty. This company is empty or this warehouse is empty, you work here so that we can stop the efflux of people coming from outside. Friends, this Rishi heard that this is such a strike on work visa that after that you will see that When this program will be completely successful, people will come out of their homes, whether they are women, men or disabled, there is a principle in this program that as a result, people who have gone to pension will go to old age. 

Are getting their benefits, the government will also give them such incentives that instead of sitting at home and taking pension, they can do whatever little work they can, in a factory or in a warehouse, now in return for that, all those labor forces who are working in various Now when her VJ tenures end, she will be given an ultimatum to leave and the plus is that neither her VJ will be extended nor new visas will be issued because UK's own permanent labor will be brought in immediately. 

But Now friends, what will happen under this plan is that in the coming days, you will see that the UK government will launch such a campaign very fast that all those big companies and all those big sponsors who search for different skilled laborers from different countries and bring them. 

They will be taken on board and they will be told that now if you do not sponsor a visa, we will help you. For this, a job center portal is being provided under which all these people will be interconnected, those who need labor and those who are job seekers.

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