Very Bad News! No UK ILR for Skilled Workers After 5 Years | UKVI 2024

Very Bad News! No UK ILR for Skilled Workers After 5 Years | UKVI 2024
So 90% of the people who are working in the UK at this time will not be eligible for ILR. People think that they have got a three-year, five-year visa, so they have a ticket for ILR, but this is not the case. 

Actually, they are not able to fulfill that requirement. And people are not even thinking about it because they don't even know what the problem is with them.

So today's article is going to be special for all those people who come to the UK on a skilled worker visa, health care visa, who have come here and taken a health care visa from a student who has switched or you have switched to this visa on some other visa category.  

So a lot of people come here and suffer directly, but a lot of people have indirectly got stuck in a scam and they are doing a job in that scam, but they don't even know what is going wrong with them. 

People think that they have got their visa, everything is fine, they will get ILR after five years, but in ground reality, things are totally different. 

So what are all those things and which eligibility people are not able to fulfill? Should you take this visa or not? This post will be a deciding factor for you and it will also be an eye-opener for many people who are not thinking about it for the time being. 

So if you are in the UK at this time, a skilled worker visa, especially on the health care field, and you are about to come or your visa is within processing, then don't skip this article. 

 Because in this video, I am going to give you proper information that what is actually going on in this field at this time.  

There is a big scam going on with people because it is very easy to get this visa in the UK. People are getting this visa switched through very good solicitors and they think that it is a very big solicitor. 

 So their work will be right, they will get work. But in reality, the healthcare field here has become a business. The owners of the companies are also greedy, the solicitors are also greedy. 

The company does not have as much work as the workers. If the company does not have work, then where will it give you work? There are many such UK-based companies here that are running for the past few years. 

But they are recruiting so many staff due to money. Because with every recruitment, they are getting a lot of money. And the owners are being greedy and recruiting new people. 

And the old workers here are not getting work. New people are suffering, now the previous people are also suffering. And many of them are already on sponsorship. Many people message me who have taken sponsorship in the UK. But their company does not complete their hours. 

What does it mean to complete the hour? 

Basically, as per UK government law, your salary should be around 21,000. 20,900 something means I am saying 21,000. So you should get a minimum of 21,000 salary when your entire year is completed. 

And for this salary, your minimum working hours should be 37 hours per week. So many people are getting 20 hours per week and 30 hours per week. 80 to 90% of people are like this. 

Especially those who have paid for sponsorship. I am not talking about those people who have taken free of cost sponsorship. Because if you are taking free of cost sponsorship, it means that your company does not have any greed for money. 

The more work they have, the more workers they will recruit. But if you are taking it by paying, it means that your owner or solicitor is charging money from you. And they have nothing to do with your work. 

 They are mainly concerned with money. There are employers here. They are not even giving their employers 30 hours of work. Because of which their minimum salary requirement is not being fulfilled. And if your minimum salary requirement is not being fulfilled, it means that you will not be eligible to take ILR in the UK. 

Because if you look at the ILR law in the UK, it clearly mentions that your minimum salary requirement should be fulfilled in the last 5 years. So if I talk about the number of people in the UK at this time, then all the students who have come here, whoever is coming here, you will get every second person who is on a skilled worker visa in the UK at this time. 

And do you actually think that the UK government will give ILR to so many people at once after 5 years? So this is next to impossible. They have to make the law harder. The checking will increase a lot. And in that case, if you are not able to fulfill the major requirement of salary in ILR, then how are you expecting that you will get ILR in the UK after 5 years? Because the visa that you have is given by saying that you have just 5 years. 

If you have 5 years, you will leave like this. After 5 years, you will become a citizen of the UK. It means that if you are not a proper citizen, then of course, there will be further processing. But in a way, this visa category is promoted like this. But the ground reality is totally different from this. 

So guys, if you are on a skilled worker, especially on healthcare, then make sure that your hours are complete. 

Is your salary complete? At the end of every year, in April, you get P60 form. In which it is clearly mentioned that how much did you earn in the last year? How much tax was cut? Before tax, if your salary becomes 21,000, it means that last year you were fine. You are eligible. 

You have at least one year to apply for ILR on this visa. But if you are not eligible for this, your salary did not become 21,000, it means that your one year has been wasted. It will not go into any accounting if your salary requirement is not fulfilled. 

First of all, ask your employer for this form every year in April so that you can find out if you are eligible or not. 

Secondly, if your employer is not giving you work, then talk to him and ask him how your visa requirement will be fulfilled. This is your right and you should talk about it. So guys, this was today's article about current situation.

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