UK ILR Rules: What’s Changing in April 2024 | UK ILR Update

UK ILR Rules: What’s Changing in April 2024 | UK ILR Update
The impending changes to UK immigration laws have generated a lot of discussion. especially those pertaining to citizenship petitions and Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). 

All the improvements that have been mentioned will take effect in April 2024, so it makes sense that you might be a bit confused. 

With the hope of removing any confusion, this offers a thorough rundown of the new laws. You are allowed to reside permanently in the UK with ILR, sometimes referred to as settled status. 

What you should know about the impending changes is as follows: 

As far as the minimum income requirements for ILR applications go, no major modifications have been revealed. For individuals already on particular visa paths, there are, nevertheless, interim provisions in place (more on this later). 

Criteria for Residency:

ILR eligibility is still based on a five-year period of continuous legal residence in the UK for general residency requirements. Times spent under immigration control exemptions (such as diplomats) will not be deducted from this total. 

Adjustments for Current Visa Holders: If you possess a visa that allows you to enter the country (such as a skilled worker visa), If you fulfil the conditions of your current visa category, the new regulations should not have an impact on your route to settlement. 

It is still possible to file for ILR using the former minimum salary level if you applied for a skilled worker visa before to April 4th, 2024. About £26,200 (inflation-adjusted) to April 4, 2030.

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