Great News For Uk Travellers New Ban is Coming To An End?|Uk Quarantine Update

Travel Update Uk:

Another important decision is going to be taken by the government of England which has released important news regarding PCR test for the travelers traveling in England and in this regard a very important statement of the health secretary of England Sajid Javed has come out. Whether the UK government is going to abolish the PCR test in the coming days or not, we will share all the details of the statement made in this article today in this article which is about the English travelers. It is very important to know 

According to the details of this news, the important statement of England health secretary Sajid Javed has come to light which is related to the PCR test. R is going to end the test because he said he is aware of how expensive it is for families vacationing abroad, so he has asked them to talk to officials about it. And in the next few days will soon get rid of the PCR test and more passengers will be given a good decision, but it should also be clear that passengers who are fully vaccinated The PCR test for will be closed and the decision will be announced soon.

In addition, Boris Johnson, Chancellor Rishi, Sajid Javed and Cabinet Ministers will discuss plans this week. Even if fully vaccinated, they will need to have a PCR test on or before the day after they arrive in England.

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