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New Immigration System Announces:

Preeti Patel's new immigration plan in England which is a point base system, what is being changed in it and who is going to benefit from this new change, I will share the full details with you people. 

So according to the details of this news, a talent visa which is based on talent base, then the new immigration point base system that the government has released, new professions are going to be included in it because if you look at it, it is clearly visible. There has been a lot of pressure on the UK government, especially in the areas where the biggest shortages are currently being asked to be included, so now the UK government has introduced this new point-based immigration. The system has introduced a new Fast Track International Sports Person Route from next month under simple rules, so it will now be helpful in visa sports competitions such as football, Premier, Legal, etc. and more. Who can apply for a Talent Visa and those who have won Booker Prizes, Oscars and more will be able to expedite their application process but also those who are talented You will be able to apply for this visa.

On the other hand, Priti Patel says that we want to bring the great minds of the world to the forefront of their careers, so the UK is number one on the world leader board in sports, arts, science, film and technology.

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