New England Tax Opposes Scottish Government

Uk Announced New Tax:

Opposes new UK tax, Scottish Government The Scottish government has opposed a new tax proposed by the UK government to improve health and social care. Under the program, Scotland will receive more than a billion pounds. 

UK Health Secretary Sajid Javed says Scotland will receive 1 1.1 billion out of a total of 12 billion raised, more than the tax collected from Scotland. Ian Blackford, leader of the Scottish National Party in the British Parliament, said in a question-and-answer session that the Prime Minister should be ashamed of the tax hike program, which provides 2 million low-income families with 100 per cent annually in National Insurance. You will have to pay more than a pound. "The Conservative government is reversing its austerity policies, we know the government's economic direction and intentions, we are seeing the Farlow scheme come to an end, universal credit is declining and wages are falling," said Ian Blackford. People will be taxed more. The UK currently has the worst levels of poverty and inequality in Northwestern Europe. He said the only way to save Scotland from these conservative cuts was for Scotland to become an independent country and provide its people with fair, strong and equal opportunities.

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