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England's new plan that is about to be introduced and Preeti Patel who is bringing new technology to England, what will happen with the arrival of this new technology will be a threat to whom? 

So according to the details of this news, with this new technology, now the common people can be identified, so now if this new plan comes from Priti Patel, then this new law will greatly affect the freedom of the citizens of England and more It should also be noted that a good amount of money has been paid for this new technology and work on this process will begin soon, so this new law could be a big problem for immigrants because immigrant identification is a problem. And the government of England does not know how many of them there is, so now the government of England is going to bring this new technology to the rugby, that is, after the new law, the new technology, the government It has become easier for them to know how many immigrants are in their country and how many more are coming. 

On the other hand, the government of England is also going to set up an online system at the border. If so, the registration process will still be done to find out how long the person stayed for a certain period of time.

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